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Blog by Femke #1

dinsdag, 25 oktober 2016

Na het winnen van één jaar gratis schoenen heeft Femke een leuke blog geschreven over haar eerste paar. Wil jij op de hoogte blijven van al haar schoenen? Hou deze pagina dan goed in de gaten!

Blog by Femke

Hello lovely readers! I came up with the idea to show you my favorite shoes every month. A while ago I joined a blog competition and I recently heard I won. For the competition I had to write a blogpost about the website that you can find here. In collaboration with Donelli, a website with many great shoes from well-known brands, I’m going to choose my favorite pair of shoes from the website every month and I can’t wait to show them to you.

Metallic shoes

Last week I received my first pair of sneakers and I’m very happy with them! Metallic is a very popular trend this year, so I couldn’t wait for the shoes to arrive. You can see the metallic trend everywhere on runways, it has become a real must-have. The more glitter and shine, the better. The possibilities with metallic shoes are endless, especially the silver ones. You can make an all-black outfit catchy in combination with the metallic shoes, because they really attract attention. I know it’s a bit out of the box for many people, but I think they’re amazing!

Metallic was already seen on runways during spring and summer, but the trend is back. Like glitters, metallic is not meant for a day-time look anymore. Like I said, metallic isn’t a color everyone likes. What do you think about the trend? Would you wear shoes or clothes with a touch of metallic? ♥

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